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CockadoodleMoo is a small, all-volunteer sanctuary north of Reno, Nevada that provides a lifetime home to abused and rescued farm animals. Starting in 2007, our sanctuary cares for chickens, turkeys, rabbits, goats, pigs, donkeys, and more! Because the animals in our care have generally come from traumatic backgrounds — and because, even with the best intentions, a new home can be stressful and scary — we do not adopt out anyone we've taken in. 

Please add vegan meals to your day — for your health, the planet's health, and for the animals.

Latest news: See our Facebook page for the latest updates and photos.


How you can help the animals at CockadoodleMoo

  • Donate: You can give funds for food and medical care for the animals. This is so essential.

    • Online through PayPal here. It's fast and easy to do one-time or monthly donation. No PayPal account needed, just a credit card.

    • Mail: CockadoodleMoo, 6200 Quaking Aspen Rd., Reno, NV 89510. (Visits by appointment only.)

  • Volunteer: See details under "Volunteer" section below.

  • Wishlist items: We can always use the items below for the animals here.

    • Fleece blankets — for pigs in winter

    • Used towels

    • Bird seed

    • Chicken scratch and crumble

    • Goat chow

    • Pig chow

    • Paper towels

    • Straw bales

    • Outdoor electrical cords — for use with heated water bowls and trough de-icers

    • Heated dog water bowls — for fresh water in the winter that won't freeze. 25 watts preferred; 50 watt max

    • Square bricks — for walking paths through muddy pens

    • Metal pitchers — for feed scoops​

    • Metal mixing bowls (large) — for carrying the animals' fresh fruits, veggies and grains to them each morning (the food is prepared the night before).

    • Metal buffet pans — for putting the food down for the animals to eat out of. The metal pans won't crack with the weather and are hard to tip over for turkeys and chickens who like to stand on them while they eat.

How to Help

Volunteer — between May and September

We love having volunteers! They allow us to do projects that improve the quality of life and health of the animals, strengthen their pens and housing, and protect them from wildfire danger. 

When: We have volunteers out generally on Saturdays from about 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. between May and September. For employers and others who would like to volunteer as a group, contact us and we can work with you on scheduling an outing that works with your organization's needs.

How to volunteer: Just email us with possible dates you'd like to come out, how many would be coming with you, their approximate ages, and we'll set something up. 

Animal needing a home?

If you have a farm animal you are trying to find a home for...

You can email us about a farm animal in need of a new home. Because the animals we take in often stay here for years, we're generally full, especially for roosters. So here are two other options you might try:

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